Photo Quilts

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    Welcome to Quilt Creations

         View keepsake memory quilts using photographs for your order ideas.

  You may consider a picture or clothing quilt.  These make wonderful gifts to preserve your family and friends precious memories.  These quilts are easily ordered by sending e-mail to  In order to get started, I need the size, colors, and pattern choice, or any design ideas you may have.  Quilts include batting, fabric, and professional finishing.  Limited embroidery of words also available at no charge.  Including photographs has an additional charge.


    Simply print an order form, choose you quilt size, pattern(s), and colors, and mail it along with payment (include $15 for shipping) to Quilt Creations.  Pictures can be mailed along with your order.   Original photographs can be sent standard mail, CD, or digitally via e-mail.  Please avoid thumbnail images or copies, and original photos sent must be 8.5 x 11 or smaller.  Images will be edited and printed directly onto cotton fabric.  Pictures are returned with the completed order.  A confirmation e-mail will be sent when items are received.


   (hearts)                                  (pattern #3 modified)                    (hearts, pattern #17, #3)                           (pattern #25)


Silver Anniversary                           (pattern #22 &31)                                  (hearts)                                             (custom) 


 (pattern #3 & 14)                              (pattern #14 or 25)                    Family Tree (pattern #3 & 25)                  (modern squares)


     (pattern #6)                                       (angels)                                          (weave)                                (pattern #21 or 27)


(butterflies, patches)                            (pattern #31)                         (4-point star, pattern #14)                          (pattern #25)


        (pattern #25)                             (hearts, pattern #6)                               (patchwork)                                (pattern #17 & 3)


   (hearts)                                           (angels)                                          (pattern #7)                                     (pattern #25)


(custom)                                 (patterns #3 & 25)                            (pattern #25 or 14)                              (California)


                                    (custom)                               (asymmetrical)                                    (pattern#32)                                      (pattern #3)                                 


   (pattern #3 & 17)                                  (Angels)                                      (patchwork)                                      (patchwork)  


          Soldiers Quilts (patchwork & custom)


    Modern (squares)                                     (4-star)                                 asymmetrical (custom)                           (family tree)    


                                         (hearts)                                        (weave)                            Twin Quilt (pattern 3 & 17)                   (pattern #8 & 20)                         


                  (pattern #6)                     antique (pattern #3 & custom)                        (4-star)                               (patterns #7 & custom)     


      (weave)                                       (pattern #3)                                          (hearts)                               Chuppah (custom)


                              Wall Quilts (pattern #25)                                          Mom Pastels (pattern #3)                 Patchwork Quilt (custom) 


              Valentine Quilt (hearts)                      Football (pattern #3 & 17)             Family Photo (pattern #14)           Pictures and Hearts (custom)      


              Best Friends (hearts)                          Dogs (pattern #17)                  Full Picture Quilt (pattern #14)        Wall Picture Quilt (custom)


     Twin Quilt (pattern #6)              Queen Picture Quilt (pattern #17)       Crib Picture Quilt (pattern #32)             Twin Quilt (hearts)    


         Full Picture Quilt (pattern #8)        Full Picture Quilt (custom)                              (hearts)                       Queen Picture Quilt (pattern #25)


                   Patchwork (custom)         Twin Picture Quilt (pattern #3 & 17)   Twin Picture Quilt (pattern #37)    Twin Picture Quilt (pattern #8) 


           Full Picture Quilt (custom)              Full Picture Quilt (custom)                      (patchwork)                        Full Picture Quilt (custom)


     Full Quilt (custom)                      Green Hearts (custom)                Picture Quilt (pattern #9)                   Lace quilt (custom)


            Heart Picture Quilt (custom)                        (custom)                                         (patchwork)                      Cheerleader (pattern #25)


Full Angel Picture Quilt                   (pattern #3)                                 (patchwork)                                  (pattern #8)




                          Blue Floral (pattern#14)                  Full Picture (pattern #14)             Wedding Quilt (pattern #15 & 19)          Retro Quilt (custom)                             


             Southwest Quilt                       Valentine (pattern# 3 & 17)                            (4-star)                                Newborn (pattern #32)    


 Wedding (hearts)                                (patchwork)                                Wall (custom stars)                                     (hearts)


                    (hearts)                                         (patchwork)                                      (custom)                                      (hearts)              


                              (patchwork)                              Honduras Flag (custom)                                 (patchwork)             Photo and Poem (pattern #14 & hearts)